Tuesday, 21 July 2009


Just wanted to clear something up. The noun bitch does not necessarily mean whore. Nowadays, it has a hell of a lot more meanings. One of them is this one: a bitch is an intelligent and ambitious woman with a high-level level of sex-appeal who uses these qualities to achieve her goal...

So practically, she's a woman who discovered her potential, both physical and intellectual and she's not afraid to make use of it. She knows what she can really do: who she can impress with her skills or with her sexuality. Basically she's selling herself, but she's doing it for a goal. She wants to achieve something. She wants to do something with her life and because it's a highly competitive game in which only few manage to succeed, she has to throw in anything she might have over her competition.

I now remember a song, White Horse... It goes like this: If you want to be rich... You got to be a bitch!

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