Saturday, 19 January 2008

What's with all the pressure?


People pressure me to do things I do not want to do. And it's sick. It's my personal decision not wanting to do smth and why do you think you can change my mind? What makes you people think that I am going to change my mind just for making you happy?

We all make decisions and we stick to them. And it's very annoying to have someone question our decisions and trying to make us feel bad about them. It's horrible. Besides, I will suffer the consequences, not those people who take my decision personally. But the thing I do not get is why people think i'm 'weak' and can be influenced by them? Because i cannot be influenced by them. I can be influenced by my family. But other than that, people can shove their influence somewhere.

So please, next time you try anything like that, think twice because I will not take it. Shame on you... Friends don't do things like that to one another. They respect the others decision even if it affects them in any way. But in this situation, by decision actually had no affect on you!!!! You shoudn't have made me feel bad about it.

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  1. i don't know exactly who do you refer to, but i feel that you're somehow wrong about this. if someone is questioning one of your decisions, maybe they see the problem in a different light. and their point of view might be more objective than yours. anyway, i know how you feel, but try to analyse their proposals aswell.

  2. George says:

    well the thing is, in this situation it was a very clear decision. and the person who was trying to make me change my opinion was not giving strong enough arguments.

    + the way the arguments were exposed. it was like i was the bad person for not changing my mind.

  3. rose@rxy says:

    but you are the bad person. it's about trust gg and giving your word. you were not able to stand up and say your opinion when the time was right...
    now you can talk all day long about peer pressure. if you had done the right things when the time was right, all these wouldn't have happened.

  4. George says:

    what happened had nothing to do with trust anf giving my word for anything. what trust? it was about force. and i am not going to be forced into doing anything i do not want to do. by you, or by her. and i am not the bad person.

    btw, what do you know about peer pressure? i think it never affected you, never in your life. and it's what you were doing.

  5. rose@rxy says:

    tell me that you were ironic..
    i know what peer pressure means. i do. i have to live with it every day. !!!

  6. George says:

    Yeah, it seems you know it well enough to pass it on.

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