Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Pictures, memories and changes.

D'you ever wish you could turn back time? I don't consider myself to be a person who looks back, but from time to time, when looking at old pictures (oh well, not that old, but still, from some years ago), I begin to think about those times, those friends, those places... And I realize how much everything's changed. And how I've changed. And how they've changed. When I think about it, that's what pictures do. They take you back, they make you remember who you are. Were. Then.

You'd probably say "George, you're wrong, they make you remember other stuff too". You're right, you remember other stuff too. You assume you had a blast in, let's say, that trip to the seaside. And you probably did. Because it's obvious you sure as hell won't remember all the drama that most definitely happened back then. What's important is that those pictures are a reminder of what was. You'd see yourself with some people and begin to think "I was so damn close to them, what the hell happened, why did we drift apart?". And while you might not be sad that you may or may not have lost them, you still cherish those memories. Those times. 

People come, people go. You might think I’d say, “You stay the same”. But you don’t. Each interaction with each person we meet in this life changes us in a way we don’t understand. Until we do. So do I, from time to time, wish I could turn back time? Yes and no. Yes, because it would make me appreciate something or someone the way I should have. No, because the way I reacted then, makes me who I am today. And the way I react today, will make me the person I'd be tomorrow.

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