Sunday, 30 August 2009

Toyota disappoints in F1, once again

The Belgian GP at the SPA circuit was a complete disappointment for Toyota. After starting from the 2nd and 7th positions on the grid, Toyota and the drivers managed to finish with only one car, only 10th. A very disappointing result, especially because Trulii gave us hope for a victory. Unfortunately, Trulii was the one to quit. He damaged his front wing, ended up being 14th, but couldn't overtake anyone. Even though he might have had engine problems, the truth may as well be that he GAVE UP.

Glock made a good start, reaching the 4th position, but because of the clumsiness of an engineer, he was delayed on his first pit-stop and pushed back to the 12th position.

Great job, Toyota. Especially since the team has no approved budget for next season. The chances of the team being in F1 next year are slimmer after each race...

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