Tuesday, 2 June 2009

A consensus between me, myself and I

Today I had the exam in English...All was great except for the fact that I misunderstood one word... One small but important word... Instead of "consensus" I used the word "consciousness"... I couldn't figure out the word when the teacher dictated, and after I had finished the rest of the exam, I just sat there and for about 30 minutes I tried to figure out what word she had said... In the end, I couldn't. So I used the word I thought she had said... And I was terribly wrong.

Anyway, this will probably cost me the 10 I was hoping for in English. I still think I deserve it. I still think I'm among the best in English, at least in my series. And this bugs me a lot. I couldn't do anything today, and I have a very difficult exam on Thursday for which I have to read almost 210-fucking-pages. It's not a lot, but this stupid mistake I made in English brought me down... I feel just as bad as I felt last summer when I got that fucking 9.50 in the Romanian oral exam. My opinion is that one stupid word does not reflect your real value. And yes, this world is full of injustice. And I have to ask: is there anything we can do? No, we just have to accept the facts as they are. And try not to let them get to you. Because I've realized that these things are not necessarily very important. They don't prove anything, at least not to me. I have to reach to a consensus between “me, myself and I”. Even though I feel bad, I know my real value, I know what I'm capable of, and I mustn’t doubt myself anymore from now on.

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  1. SillyMe says:

    Revise past perfect :p

  2. Can you please tell me where I've made a mistake?

  3. SillyMe says:

    'I just sat there and for about 30 minutes I tried to figure out what word she said'
    You should have put 'what word she had said' just because of the fact that this was an action which happened before another stated action in the past (you sat there, and before that, she had said that word).
    And the same here : ‘So I used the word I thought she said ‘ .
    Maybe we could skip over ‘hard exam’ but my sarcastic side is pretty active today and I`d rather you used ‘difficult’ instead .
    However, I agree with what you said, that one word does not reflect your real value.
    Neither does two words nor three..

    P.S. nothing personal

  4. Thank you very much. It's now corrected. I never stated my English is perfect that is why I want to thank you for bringing this error to my attention. :)

    To be honest, past perfect has never been my strong suit... I'll be more careful in the future.

    Not that it matters, but do I know you?

  5. SillyMe says:

    Good point! Si e Da. You`d be surprised.. i think :))

  6. So, would you want to shed some light concerning your identity? I am online, you can buzz me anytime. :)

  7. Englishyourlove says:

    you really should focus on being more modest " I still think I'm among the best in English, at least in my series." series? maybe group.. because you really don't know how the rest are doing do you? or do you judge them by a grade?

  8. Given the fact that I'm among the best in groups 2, 3 and 4 (Group 3 was combined last semester with group 2, and this semester with group 4) it's only a fair assumption to think I'm still among the best in all 12 groups of the series. Don't you think? I might be wrong, maybe there are other students that are better than us in the other 9 groups. But again, it's a fair assumption.

  9. Englishyourlove says:

    well then.. you should get an award or something :)) or there should be a contest between the groups and then the series :> that would be quite fun!

  10. Oh come on, be serious! I have a tendency to exaggerate things. Who cares if I'm among the so called best? English matters to me personally and a hierarchy doesn't interest me!

    Also, I don't understand why this post started this discussion about positions and statistics.

    This shouldn't be a contest, there isn't only one winner. We are all in the lead as long as we try to give as much as we can. Everything we do, we should do for ourselves, for our own self-esteem and for our future. What we study and practice now, will help us sometime in our life. That's why, as I said before, my goal is to not let these "ups and downs" get to me. I'll try to see the bigger picture.

  11. Englishyourlove says:

    and this post wasn't about grammar either. and in my opinion you should care about your grades and performance and you should always know your true value.

  12. tuddy says:

    george ii modest. asa a fost si asa va fi tot timpul =))))

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