Friday, 19 February 2010

Blackjack (21)

Blackjack (also known as 21). I think it's very obvious what I'm trying to say here. I just turned 21. Yesterday, on February 18th. 21. I still can't believe it. Everyone says you'll feel different, but you don't... I hate to disappoint everyone, but it's the truth. It's actually almost the same, the main difference being that you can buy and drink alcohol legally in the US. Which should be enough, actually. But some people have the tendency to feel sad that they grow older. But they should acually feel happy. It's a celebration of life.

That's why I thought that a proper way to celebrate this event would be to call up all my close friends and take them out for drinks. And, oh my, did we drink !!! The bottles of wine kept coming (for some of us) and the vodkas kept coming for others. It was such a great time. Plus, I picked up my favorite location in town: Club 30+. And it was a Wednesday evening, so we also had karaoke, which I'm very fond of. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for being there and also to thank them for the great present: a guitar. I've always wanted to play an instrument but I guess I never really went ahead and bought a guitar. I was probably a little scared of failure ? But the fact that my friends had known my wishes and desires and believed in me, has given me a lot of ambition to prove them right. So I'll study and I'll surely learn how to play it right. :D

Thanks again all of you and I really appreciate having you as my friends! :*:*:*

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  1. Ligia says:

    Hehe abia astept s ane canti ceva :D La vara poate o iau pe urmele tale... lame? =))

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