Friday, 30 November 2007

It's so sad not to know


It's so sad not to know. To be in the dark. To not be aware of certain details. It hurts. It hurt a lot. It hurts me a lot. Maybe it does not hurt other people. I like to be informed, I like to know a little something (or more) about anything and everyone. So yes, I am information-dependent. Without it I'm just not complete. I does not matter how I use it or if need it. I just want it!

Is it bad to desperately want to know every little aspect ? I mean, I daily visit certain sites. Maybe others don't, but I do. Is it bad to want to visit them daily? It's like a routine. If I do not visit my sites I feel "vulnerable". Because all that new stuff being discussed on my boards is getting old and I am not the first to learn about it. I want special news, I need special news to make my day! Some people like to live in the dark and they do not care about anything but their favourite thing. But I like everything. While others do not care about politics, I do. Count me in when we're talking about tech. Don't leave me out when you're discussing cars! Maybe sports is not my thing, but hey, I don't mind when others talk about it. It's called RESPECT. Which in my opinion, many lack. When I talk about a mobile phone, a lot of people just stop me: "grow up, it's just a mobile phone, don't you have better things to do?". Seriously? When you've grown up that's the way you do it? Only you're "thing" is important, and the hell with everyone else?

That's not the way I do it. Ruxi is speaking a about the importance of a unique blog. Seriously? Since when having a blog is a luxury? It's free, Ruxi. And if i think people should get a blog, it's because I believe we all have something to say. We all have an opinion and we have ideas and ideals! You speak as if everyone is going to get one, and your blog might become obsolete! It doesn't work like that. It's not like everyone is talented. Maybe you are, but what if you're not? And about trends: a blog is not a trend. It's not like, oau you have a blog now, bit in the fall you're gonna quit, and engage in a different activity. It's something you make, and you stick to it. As for your certain "need" to write something in your blog. Well this is curious.... How in the world are you supposed to know when you need to write? You wake up in the middle of the night and it occurs to you that you "need" to write? You just do it. Something good cam come out of it. Or not! And if I like to write daily, that's the reason.

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  1. Crina says:

    it is sad not to know. But some people don't know that they have to know. And some feel a bit is just enough.
    One might be to selfish to talk about something else than their subject.
    One's blog is unique for himself. If he doesn't like his own blog, he should just quit.

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