Tuesday, 26 February 2008

some people can act so "low"

you'd think you have friends. and you'd think they know not to cross certain limits.

but you assuptions are wrong. cause there are no real friends nowadays. friends know when they made a mistake and they know when to apologize. but if they make a mistake, they don't care about your feelings and/or your objections towards their behavior, i'd say that person's not your friend. there's a chance your friendship was never real. it was just a façade. they never really did care about you and/or your feelings. they just cared about themselves.

i never thought some people, so-called-friends, could act so "low".

it'a actually ironic. being an "ass" and acting like a saint. it's actually sarcastic. making "fun" of others is hilarious, but when others laugh at you, it's stupid. it's actually pathetic. being wrong, and not being able to admit it. if you're wrong, the best thing you can do, is admit your mistake, mend fences and move on.

but this is only my opinion. God forbid I say something if I don't agree with you.

My saying is worthless, right?
Your saying is the one that counts, right?

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  1. Dobbie says:

    Hey there, Mr George. I`ve been kinda bored, and I googled the word ,,seriously". It`s a word I like, and use very often. So...I bumped into your blog. Started reading and this article catched my attention.I just want to say... Hm...there are real friends nowadays.It`s rare, but if you find it, your`re lucky. But start with questioning yourself: are you a real friend? Yes, friends indeed make mistakes, but everybody does, because we are humans, it`s in our nature. These are the risks. You`re in or out.Friendship is a complicated thing, but worths fighting for. Real friends forgive eachother...they are there when you need them. Real friends are there always. Don`t let a bad experience(if you had one) ruin your belief in true friendship...They are fake friends..you just have to recognize them,and keep the distance...but..well this is my opinion shortly. I could talk over and over about friendship, but it`s kinda boring :D I saw this was pposted in 2008...I hope since then you found reliable friends..(sorry for my writing errors...) So..have a good night...and keep up with the blog...and be a good friend, even if others are not...be different.

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