Friday, 8 February 2008

What is a friendship?

What is a friendship? A friendship is a type of relationship, a close connection between people which is often based on their hobbies, their ideas or their personalities. We all know what friends are, because we all have them. Unfortunately, nowadays real friends are very hard to find, and often you realize your so-called best friends betrayed you when you needed them the most. This is why it’s very important to realize that real friends can be found everywhere, thus we should not judge people from their appearance. But it’s also important to know that one can’t really have too many friends. Just pay attention on which your real friends are.

Psychologically speaking, friendships have an important place in the life of the individual. Without friends, we would not be the same. A real friend helps us when we are in need, offers advice and support when we are morally or financially down. But what is important to remember is that a friendship goes both ways. While we get help, we also have to offer a hand when our friends need it. If this aspect is missing, a relationship cannot be called a friendship. Without mutual support and communication, you can’t have a real friendship. Because you also have to be prepared to deal with people who are friends with you just because they have interests, especially financial interests.

From a social point of view, friendships are those relationships that bond people, regardless of their nationality, their ethnicity or their so-called position in society. People make connections. If you love football it’s inevitable not to find people who also love it. If you love music, you’ll definitely meet new people at your favorite karaoke club. Nowadays it’s very simple to talk and make new friendships because of the Internet. But it was always easy. The Venetian Masked Ball was originally created to help people relax and be able to talk to everybody around them. Because they were all masked, they could break the social barrier that was blocking any kind of relationships between people from different classes.

Politically speaking, the word friendship brings a new definition. We say that two countries are friends when we think that their economies are supporting each other with imports and exports from one another. A friendship between states also involves interest and participation in the same military operations with a mutual purpose. A good example would be Romania’s participation in the reconstruction of Iraq, after the 2004 war. If Romania had not been friends with the US or a member of the NATO organization, Romania’s participation would not have happened.

In conclusion, a friendship is a type of relationship either between people, but also at larger scale, between countries. Also, friendships hold an important position in the life of the individual because real friends offer each other support and advice. What holds together a friendship is the connection between the individuals, their hobbies, their dreams or their personalities.

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