Monday, 22 October 2007

Ferrari takes it all.

Ferrari is the absolute winner in the 2007 World Championship. They've won both the constructor and the driver championship. While the constructors championship was won a long time ago, Kimi Raikkonen was crowned world champion (for the 1st time in his career) in the last race of the season, Brasil's Interlagos.

It was a hard race, with Hamilton having a lot of problems and losing the race to both Raikkonen and Alonso, his direct rivals. Both Alonso and Hamilton lost in the battle for the Drivers Championship. The 2007 season was by far the most disputed one: the first 3 pilots are separated by a mere 1 point. Also, the 2007 championship was also a very controversial one because of the McLaren spying scandal.

Where will Alonso go from McLaren? To Renault? Or will he remain at the British team? The Ferrari team is very clear for the next season: Raikkonen has signed a 3 year deal in 2007, and Massa just signed with the "Scuderia" until the 2010 season.

Toyota's Ralf Shumacher left the Japanese team. He received a lot of gifts from the team. It seems like his career in F1 is over but he claims he has a place in a team for the next year? Which one? We shall see next year, in March. 2008.

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