Saturday, 6 October 2007

How can the world just carry on?

How can the world be so cruel? They do something wrong, something horrible, yet they refuse to take responsability. Actually it even more serious: they don't even care... Just now as i was passing near the Mol in Dorobantilor, a driver hit a dog and he didn't even stop to see if the poor animal was injured. And i am sure the dog was injured! All of the street heard it's cry... A terrible cry, which made me feel nothing but anger towards the insensitive driver. I have a dog at home so i know how bad it makes you feel when an animal in pain and yol can do nothing to help. The poor creature only wanted to pass the street. I am a bit satisfied because i know a crash like this will ruin his car a bit also! What if this were to happen with a human? Would he have stopped? I really don't know.....

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