Monday, 27 August 2007

The blonde. Hystery.

Today was supposed to be a great day for shopping as we visited Izmir, the third major city (by population) in Turkey. But it was a major disaster. With capital M from. The bazar was worst than the one we have here in kusadasi. A lot of stressing people begging you to buy original clothes made by Harmany, Dihor or Dolce&Capcana. These were very bad replicas. Unlike mx LV. I ended up buying two very nice t-shirts, but not designer labeled.

Two persons were very annoying for the second time. I managed to remain calm though through their series of hysterical laughs and stupid, "innocent" they say, jokes... Hopefully this will be the last of them, but i am sure it won't be. Especially since now they're teamed up.

We do share a great deal of laughs in the evening though. There is a blonde in the hotel, from Serbia or Russia, something like that. She does all these faces and movements as she eats. It's very hard to imitate her, but we manage to do it anyway. People around us don't undertand our "intern joke". Also it's very important to consider that the blonde does not speak english. Very convenient for us. :-)

There is also a new hot thing we found out about. If you want to buy a quelque chose but have only euros or dollars (at least that's what you tell to the shop employee) to pay, there are many chances to get it for free. Because they cannot automatically change your money, they prefer giving for free. It does not work at all the shops but if you ever find one like this, stick to it. But whatever you do, don't let them change your money because it is not in your advantage at all.

Well this is it for today. Cheers.

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