Thursday, 30 August 2007

Untitled. The Kusadasi stories.

The blonde has left but nicole is still here. He is gay. He has substitued the blonde in being our object of laughter. We are leaving tomorrow. All my clothes are ready to be packed and i was kind of expecting this moment but now that it's here, i feel kind of sad because we are leaving. We had such a great time in kusadasi, the best we could have had giving the circumstances. We will surely miss the pool. It's the place we spent most of our time at. And the bazar. The thing i imagine is going shopping in cluj and fighting with yourself with the temptation to bargain over the price. That would be awkward to say the least. Today was the last bath in the sea. I must confess that the sea, i will not miss. I did not like it very much either. Too salty and with a lot of nature's impurities. Luckily not human.

I feel disappoited and content at the same time. Tomorrow we will visit Efes.

Something that changed my opinion about turks happened tonight. Andra forgot her phone on a bench near a jewelery. Before we left, we spoke a bit with the owner and then we left without realising her phone was missing. Some time after this we learned about the disappearance of the phone. Would you belive of when i tell you that the phone was at that jewelery owner. He gave it back. Wanna bet this wouldn't have happened in romania?

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