Saturday, 18 August 2007

Something smart

I'd like to write about something funny. But I have nothing to laugh about. Okay maybe todays' Brainiac show. I always loved that show. Intelligent. "I can do science me!". So damn funny.

Been reading some forums lately. Us romanains are so good at giving advice. We always state our opinion even if it's none of our business, and no one asked for it. We like to help people... if you can call that help. Whatever...

But the thing I like most about our citizens is their love towards German products. Even if we're talking about cars, electronic devices, and so on, "german" quality cannot be equaled. You know I'm a Toyota fan (for the obvious reasons), but what I cannot understand is why people try to make JD Power'd survey look untrue. One of the latest survery conducted by JD Power concluded that Lexus owners are the most satisfied amierican drivers. Nothing untrue here, since Lexus is very well-regarded overseas. It's one of the best selling brands of luxury cars, and is considered the most reliable brand, in the US. Although it has succes in the North-American countries, in Europe the brand is still fighting for a spot in the luxury segment. What I cannot understand is why it's position is claimed to be false? These are some of the arguments. The surveys are said to be unconcludent. Even if the designs are original, they seem to resemble those of famous German brands.

I won't insist with this. I just think it's stupid for German cars to be regarded as the best cars in the world. Look for a second hand car on, the famous used cars site. Look for a German car 5 years old, and a Japanese car 5 years old. Compare the prices they had when they were launched and the prices they have now. Wanna bet the Japanese kept more of its' value and is expensive even now after 5 years. Many people in Western Europe go for Japanese cars. They must have a reason, right?

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