Sunday, 26 August 2007


It was yet another superb night in kusadasi. Besides the shops filled with expensive replicas there is also a lot of music. Traditional or international, it's amazing how they cope. There are also a lot of disco's. Last night we entered one of them because the man at the entry convinced us he had romanian music. And he really did! In a few moments we were dancing on the exotic rithms of nicolae guta, o-zone and other international-known romanian artists! Interesting, huh?

We also visited a burger king restaurant. A god send i have to say. It was high time we did, since the kebab is unsatisfing. Much better than it.

For 16 euros we went on a boat trip which included visiting three beaches, bathing in the middle of the sea, lunch and free refreshing drinks. Again, we invested wisely since it was marvellous. The sun and the water were just great. And the lunch was delicious. The free drinks as well. :))

Bought a new cigarette lighter. Some say it looks kinda gay because, they say, it rather suits a girl. Which is bull! I really like it, and don't care if others don't. They're just envious.

Again i express my complaints about the conditions in the room. It's harder and harder to take a shower or to brush your teeth with the salted water provided by the hotel. But there is a plus in here: i discovered that salt does well for my skin. :))

received a mail the other day. On my mobile yahoo e-Mail client. It was from something claiming that i won a laptop. It seemed kinda strange. They just asked me to send them the confirmation code provided and my complete address. Did i or did i not win? For me at least it's kinda hard (actually impossible) to believe that you can get something for free these days. But you can never know :-). Will keep you posted about this.

This concludes my todays' entry. Have fun in cluj. I sure the hell am going to have fun in here. Cheers.

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