Wednesday, 22 August 2007

First days

So we arrived at the first hotel in cannakale after a long tiring trip. I kinda slept all the way through, which made people happy. Meaning that it was delightful for them to a have a subject to make a video about. It's nice to be in the center of attention on even when sleeping. Maybe one of these days you will see a movie about this on youtube. So funny. NOT! What is so funny in seeing an honest person resting his eyes? Seriously!

The hotel was great. Nice rooms, kind of small tough. But we had air conditioning, which by the way was a god gift, because it was hot. Literaly!

I won't give details about departures and things like this. God forbid i become Nastase.

The hotel did have wireless internet. But i had no time to write. We were in a hurry.... Ate the first Turkish Kebab and is was awful. In hope that the Pammukale hotel has wireless internet, i will post an entry later this day.

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