Saturday, 25 August 2007


Had no time since we arrived at hotel west in kusadasi. The hotel is nice, but dirty. We had to call maintenance, to make the bathroom a little more pleasant. Hard job since it looks like it has never been cleaned in the past two months (to say the least). The air conditioning in my room system is antique. It's almost unbelievable that a hotel that operates in a climate with temperatures, to not have a good air conditioning system. And it's ignorance when you complain about it and they do nothing at all for you. They just say "ok we'll fix", but they never really do anything about it.

As for the food, on complaints whatsoever. Maybe for what we have in the morning but hey, we can always buy a kepab. With chicken. Like the one i just ate. But the thing is... The romanian ones are better. Actually it's surprising that the originals are worst than our very own replicas.

Speaking of originals and replicas, here in turkey you can find a lot of high-quality products that look...... Really nice! From jewelery and leather to sportswear or denim. You can find a lot of items. I've been looking for a some time now for a Louis Vuitton Men's Wallet, and the Turkish market was the place for me. My personal LV wallet is now filled with all my stuff. It seems big for a wallet but at least now i have it. Anything you want, you can find. And again, the quality for some of the merchandise is very high. The first thing that came into my mind were the independent sellers in cluj that sell, they say, original products. My ass! You too can become one of them. Come to Turkey! Buy them and sell them overpriced.

But the one thing that makes the Turkish "bazar" so special, is the opportunity to hassle for a better price. Nothing has a price tag, so you can adjust the price so that it suits you needs and budget. It's amazing how much you can talk and obtain your desired price. Even when you think you made a killer deal, you might be surprised when another seller gives you a better one. Now that is what i call frustration! Am i right? But you'll live. Just think that either way they win, and you win. It's a win-win situation! :)

That's about it for today. We're thinking of making yet another complaint about the AC system. In hope that the sun does not burn me to death (by the way, my face is on fire!), i hope i will write soon.

And do try not to forget. I miss you all.

PS: since i am mobile, which means posting from my mobile i cannot attach any pictures. When i return i will edit all my entries and add pictures.

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